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Manalishi Pickups!

Prices quoted are for guitars fully modified with the following standard features and upgrades (noted extra cost options, if ordered, to be added to price). Guitars with a "Hold Me" button are, as yet, unmodified, and may be custom ordered, deleting features, or adding options, as the buyer desires, which may affect the price up or down. At this time, I do not sell unmodified guitars. Flat rate shipping to U.S. addresses (UPS Ground) is $40; Canada is $65 (USPS Priority). Europe is $120 (USPS Express Mail). Other countries, please inquire for shipping costs. Guitars shipped to Pennsylvania subject to 6% state sales tax.

Standard Features

  1. My exclusive Manalishi pickups, designed specifically to replicate the vintage PAF out of phase tone of Peter Green's 'Burst.
  2. Neck pickup rotated in cavity, ala Peter Green’s ‘Burst
  3. Aged Nickel pickup covers installed
  4. Aged vintage style slotted humbucker adjusting screws
  5. Aged humbucker ring mounting screws, correct ‘50s style small heads
  6. Full height humbucker rings
  7. Foil top knobs for bridge pickup controls, ala PG’s ‘Burst, with aged pointer washers under all knobs.
  8. Cheap, thin wire from toggle switch to jack & pots replaced with vintage style braided wire
  9. Stock pots replaced with 500K audio taper short shaft pots
  10. Orange Drop .022uf  capacitors, wired 50s style
  11. Faber BSWKIT steel bridge studs and aged nickel thumbwheels
  12. Faber "Tone-Lock Bridge," Aged Nickel ABR-1 style LOCKING bridge - best and coolest locking bridge available!
  13. Faber "TP-'59" Aged, lightweight nickel plated aluminum tailpiece
  14. Faber "Tone-Lock" Aged nickel plated "Vintage STEEL" locking tailpiece studs and steel spacers ("no gap," full contact from top of stud to body for great increase in sustain & pick attack)
  15. Aged nut (stock nut)
  16. Aged tuners (stock tuners)
  17. Pro setup using 10-46 strings
  18. Polished top and back. Results vary, depending upon amount of sanding sealer applied during production
  19. Easily over $700 retail worth of parts and labor
  20. Original Gibson hard shell case is included with Fadeds I am selling, unless otherwise noted in a specific guitar's listing (case is not provided with a customer owned Faded LCPG conversion)
  21. My production number written inside control cavity
  22. Certificate, with serial# & Production # noted and checklist showing all features & parts


  1. In phase Manalishi pickups, if you're not into the PG tone. However, I urge you to keep the PG tone. Slight variations of the volume controls while in the middle position will, effectively, cancel the out of phase tone and give you a range of tone not possible with in phase pickups. Read how some owners use this to their advantage in the testimonials below
  2. Standard orientation of neck pickup. As this is strictly cosmetic, it has no effect on the character of the PG tone
  3. Uncovered Manalishi pickups - vintage zebra style. $30 price deduction
  4. Bright metal parts instead of aged
  5. Non-locking Faber ABR-59 bridge, if more "original" look is preferred. $25 price deduction.
  6. Four standard control knobs, instead of two standard and two foil top knobs OR four foil top
  7. Other string gauges instead of 10-46
  8. Grover nickel Rotomatic tuners, 18:1 ratio, aged or bright, $75 additional installed 
  9. Other options MAY be possible and can be discussed on an individual basis

The Result?

A guitar that is way better than stock, with more features and upgrades than even an Historic offers, at a much lower price. Tonewise, it is a completely different animal and will likely be the best sounding Gibson® Les Paul you have ever owned and played - Guaranteed!

The Buying Experience

A unique way of buying a guitar, which should be the norm. You see the guitar you want, at first, unmodified. You order the options you want. When finished, you see the guitar the way you ordered it. You get to HEAR the guitar before making the final decision to pay in full and have it shipped to you. Finally, after receipt, you decide if it is a "keeper." If not, you return it for a full refund, less shipping costs. I don't sell anything - LCPG guitars, Manalishi Pickups, Faber Parts - without a full satisfaction, money back guarantee.

Quick Q&A

(More, and expanded Q&A in my FAQ, coming soon)

Q. Why Standard Fadeds?
A. Because they are consistently the best sounding Les Pauls ever made.

Q. These guitars are chambered. Is this a bad thing?
A. Only to purists, and now, apparently, to Gibson as well, as the new Fadeds are NOT CHAMBERED.

UPDATE about CHAMBERING: Gibson has stated that these Fadeds are NOT chambered. The only USA Standard that is now chambered is the "Standard 2008" model. However, having as much experience as I do with chambered Fadeds, I am 100% certain that most, if not all, of the Honey Burst and Tobacco Burst guitars received to date (starting with LCPG-202) are chambered. From experience, when drilling the side pilot hole for a pick guard, I hit a chamber very quickly. When I installed pick guards on LCPG-202 and LCPG-217, I definitely hit a chamber. I installed a pick guard on LCPG-210 after the fact (not shown in the photos) and that guitar was definitely not chambered, and the weights on all the Cherry guitars would indicate no chambering.

Q. Are LCPG guitars ever returned?
A. Yes. However, honestly, no one ever claimed it was because of tone. The few guitars returned were always because of confusion over the neck size. Therefore, if you are not familiar with what Gibson calls a "50s neck" on a USA Standard, please try one at your local music store. You will probably not see a Faded for sale, but the necks are identical to the regular Standard. 60s necks are no longer available on Fadeds.

Q. Will you pick out a guitar for me?
A. No. You either see a guitar you really like, or you don't.

Q. Can you go through each guitar and tell me which one sounds best?
A. No. That is pretty much a waste of time. I play every guitar, acoustically, as I check it in. Having done this for many years, it is easy for me to tell if a guitar is going to sound good amplified and, by its natural resonance and sustain, whether it will do the PG Mod correctly. I already know that every Faded is a qualified candidate, and very consistent from one to the next. How it sounds amplified BEFORE I convert it is irrelevant. I can honestly tell you I won't sell a guitar if it doesn't sound right - something that has never happened with a Faded, but I accept the possibility that it could happen. In any event, you will hear the converted guitar before making your final decision and payment.

Q. How long does it take to receive a guitar after ordering?
A. It depends upon how busy I am at any particular time, but usually no more than one week, and quite often it is only 3-4 days.

Q. Why do you always play "Need Your Love So Bad" and "If You Be My Baby" on all your sound clips? Don't you know anything else?
A. I used to do all kinds of PG solos, just randomly picking whatever I felt like playing at the time - one for each switch setting. Then, I got lazy and started doing "Need Your Love So Bad" because I can do all three positions in the same clip, and, in the middle position, show the effect of lowering one of the volume controls to effectively cancel the out of phase tone. Then, because the out of phase tone is what it's all about, I chose "If You Be My Baby" to demonstrate it. On mediocre sounding guitars where the PG Mod doesn't work well, this particular song sounds terrible. If you can't get screaming sustain from the high notes, what's the point? Finally, there are then a lot of guitar to guitar to guitar comparisons, using the same solos, amp and settings. It may be boring to listen to, but I think this is the better way to do it. By the way, I never get bored playing this stuff when the tone is right!

To HEAR lots of sound clips and SEE lots of completed photos, click the "Archives of SOLD guitars" button below.

How to order a PG Mod guitar

If the guitar is "Completed...," there will be a "BUY NOW!" button on it. Click the button and you will be able to complete the purchase, using PayPal, or credit card.

For a guitar that has yet to be modified, a $500 deposit will hold the guitar. Just click the "HOLD ME!" button and you will be taken to an order form where you will choose how you want the guitar configured. Then, you will be able to place the $500 deposit, using PayPal or direct credit/debit card. I will then contact you to let you know the approximate completion date for the guitar. When completed, I will send a detailed set of photos and sound clips for your approval. If satisfactory, an invoice for the balance will be sent to you and the guitar will ship upon receipt of payment. If for some reason you are not happy with the results, your deposit will be promptly refunded, or you can choose to switch to another guitar and we will repeat the process from beginning to end. In addition, you have 7 days after receiving the guitar to decide if you want to keep it.


There is sometimes a delay between the time someone hits a "HOLD ME!" button and the status on the guitar is changed to "ON HOLD." Therefore, there is no guarantee that a guitar listed as available ("HOLD ME!") is, in fact, still available. I have to manually update, and I try to do it as timely as possible. However, once a guitar has been successfully placed on hold, the system will not allow the guitar to be placed On Hold again. That would be the indication, in lieu of me being late in updating a guitar's status, that the guitar is no longer available.

Unsolicited Buyer Quotes:

"Hi Larry, I now have the 252 a couple of hours in house, and in my hands. Although I intended to give you feedback within a few days, I just can't wait to share my enthousiasm with you. I really get that oustanding tone and it is even better than expected. It appears my Fender Vibroking is an excellent amp for the Peter Green sound of the LCPG. I use an OKKO DIABLO overdrive pedal, the most transparant overdrive I know. Turn the drive to almost zero and adjust the tone a little. The sound is really identical to Love that Burns and many other PG solos. After changing the strings...and replacing 008 for 009, set the bridge a little lower, the characteric PG sound seemed to be strengthend a lot. After this minor adjustment I got wings and the notes flew out of the guitar and it all sounded really fantastic.

Study of PG guitar playing has become a kind of life style for me for about 40 years. Although many people said "you sound like Peter Green" I knew, it was not THE sound I heard on the recordings of PG. I never met a person that was able to create that sound, and now - 40 years later - by accident I discovered a very modest, friendly guy somewhere in USA that creates this sound. Normally it is a long process before I decide to buy a guitar. This time it was different, I directly felt a kind of connection, and I should have that guitar as soon as possible. Peter Green of the 60's was my hero. Today you are also my hero, because you are the person that is responsible for putting a crown on my life work. Best regards." K.D., NL

"I just want to tell you how much I love the Peter Green modded Les Paul I ordered from you (#226). It is such an inspiring instrument to play - something about it is so musical and soulful. It's hard to describe - I already have several guitars that I love, but there truly is something special about this one (and it is my favorite Les Paul I've ever played as well). I love everything that you've done to it - it plays, sounds, and looks amazing. Thank you for bringing the perfect guitar into my life!" T.K., USA

"Larry, I got the guitar today. It is awesome- the tone, finish and hardware are all beyond expectations. I also wanted to tell you that the buying experience with your company was perfect. Your website and demos (YouTube and guitar specific) took the anxiety out of the Internet purchase process. Thanks" J.D., USA

"Hey Larry, I’ve been meaning to send you my reactions to receiving LCPG-243 for some time now. I wanted a little time to pass so I could stay somewhat more objective. You’ve heard it all before but I just have to tell you that this is the finest, most playable Les Paul I have ever come across.

The fact that it weighs almost half the poundage as my original Black Beauty Custom and yet still sustains like there’s no tomorrow is amazing. Heck, it’s even slightly lighter than my early 70’s Stratocaster. That weight difference makes me smile every time I sling it over my shoulder.

But the best part is how your modifications have created serious mojo with regard to tone. The neck Manalishi pickup has a warmth and singing quality that’s very much in the neighborhood of an ES335. The bridge Manalishi PU, with the help of the Faber hardware behind it, cuts through the mix without being too edgy. The middle,“out of phase” tone is very cool and sensitive to tweaking.

I had high expectations after researching all the material about what you were crafting at CV Guitars and I have to say you have exceeded them. Many thanks for the fine components and workmanship that have yielded an instant old friend for me." J.K., USA

The guitar arrived. I tried it out and am blown away by the tone. Just extraordinary. Thank you." M.G., USA

"LCPG-187 finally made it to me on Christmas Eve. I couldn't be happier. Thank you. It travelled well and only minor bridge harmonic adjustments were needed to the E and A strings. The action is a little higher than I'm used to but I think I'll leave it up because - the tone, Larry, the TONE! Heheh.

Today I made a video for it which now has associated threads at Harmony Central, The Gear Page and the Australian Guitar Gear Heads Forum.
Harmony Central
The Gear Page
AGGH - PG Mod Les Pauls

Again, thank you. The guitar is wonderful. Cheers!" B. K., AU

"Hi Larry,
I have received the guitar Saturday morning!! It was not here friday night under the sapin but it was here early in the morning after christmas party it was funny! Sorry for respond later.

So the LCPG-250 is really good! it is so sweet in the touch and good looking. like this tobacco faded burst! haven't times yet to play a lot with but the little I have was so beautiful and closely to the tone I was listening for many years with Greeny tunes so what I was looking for.

Plugged straight into the amplifier the bridge pickup sound really good and sweet. it is a really pleasure to play with the out-of-phase position, there is a lot of good tones here... and singing sustain.

Thank you, you have done a good job and what I was looking for." S.D., France

"Larry, Just wanted to get back to you to let you know how happy I am with #237. I received it the morning after you shipped it. The finish is beautiful- you did a great job buffing it out to a nice glow. The aged hardware is very well done. The setup and playability of the guitar is excellent. I have a lot of guitars and each has its quirks. That’s why a guitar player always needs another guitar, right? Well this guitar is making me think I have enough guitars now. It has amazing sound and a great feel. I can’t imagine a guitar that’s more fun to play- whether I’m plugged in or not. My other guitars are going to have to sit for a while. I can’t put this guitar down. Thanks for a great buying experience and a great guitar." B.F., USA

"The guitar arrived safely yesterday. Plugged in and played for 45 mins or so – it sounds really great and feels like an old friend. The sustain is fantastic and the tones are all there – no question the must toneful LP that I have ever played and easily the most fun. I always thought those Faded’s had some special mojo...with your upgrades you’ve created a simply incredible product. The out of phase tone is the definitive tone for me for a LP and this has it totally nailed. No need to go chase the ultimate 59 Historic for $5K or more...this sounds better, plays better and looks really cool. Cheers!" P.B., USA

"Dear Larry, LCPG 208 arrived yesterday. I am delighted. No problems with shipping, she was even in tune right out of the case. The guitar is quite a looker, better than in the photo's and my preferred type of flame, lively but not flashy. And lots of vintage mojo. She sounds wonderful. The Manalishi's and the PG mod produce a broad range of great tones, all useful, and the tone control roll is nice and smooth. The guitar is very resonant unplugged which translates into very expressive plugged in.

I tried flipping the magnet on my LP Classic Antique, but did not like the sound so flipped it back. Here it sounds great, and I am having a lot of fun with it... All in all, just excellent Larry. You provide a wonderful service and wonderful guitars. Thank you." N.B, U.K.

"Larry, thanks, I got the guitar yesterday. What can say, the guitar is beyond my expectations. The reversed pickup makes it incredibly versatile, all your modifications make the guitar either sound or look better. The back was one-piece! and the maple top is awesome. I took it to Sweetwater and AB'ed it with a 1959 Gibson reissue. Eyes closed, the LCPG-242 sounded just as tasty as the reissue, but had the added benefit of the out of phase sound. And it weighed about a pound and a half less! And $3000 less. Honestly, I'm thankful you provide this service and that I was able to pick out such an awesome Les Paul. And on the crazy strange, but good front, the manufacture date of this Les Paul is October 14th, my birthday! Take care and good luck with all you do." S.G., USA

"Larry, Plugged in #196 into the 50W Marshall last night. Oh baby- does little Miss #196 smoke. What tone and harmonics. I swear, if you stand in front of the amp while playing the rear pickup you'll cut someone in half. What a tone. And looks as good as she sounds. Now, it's time to sell my '58 Plaintop Reissue. Compared to my LCPG LP's, it is an anchor. All it's good for is tying a rope to and throwing it over the side of your bass boat. I am going to see my youngest brother in a couple of weeks. He plays alot of guitar. I am going to convince him to pickup a LCPG before they are all gone. Thanks for everything." B.N, USA

"Hi Larry. The guitar arrived in perfect shape on Monday afternoon just as I got home. I played it a lot last night in the studio and I like it very much and will send you some recordings in a day or two.., what a cool instrument, I've been playing it through a Dr.Z Stangray, and a Marshall 100 watt head, I'll send you the amp and speaker specifics with the recordings, but it has great tones and is definitely a new tool for my arsenal of guitars, great job at a great price, very well done." S.M., USA

"Hi Larry, The guitar LCPG-217 arrived yesterday. The first thing I noticed was the light weight. When I plugged in to my ox AC30, Gee Whiz, the sound/tone was incredible. Those Manalishi pickups really nail the sound I've sought after for years. This weekend I've 2 gigs coming up. First one at a wedding reception and the second at a blues jam and you can bet I'll be using LCPG -217 at both gigs. I think you can guess I'm chuffed to bits with the guitar. No more back breaking 10 pounder Les Pauls. After all I'm in my mid 50's now..." T.K., UK

"Hi, Larry. I’ve had a chance to play LCPG-207 now for a couple of weeks and WOW!!! It is an absolutely fabulous guitar in terms of looks (as well as it’s accuracy to the original “Greeny”) and of course playability. She’s definitely hands down one of the best guitars I have ever played and I wish I had of gotten one years ago. Every time I pick it up I have the hardest time putting it down and when I finally do I’m looking forward to the next time I get to play it. All my other guitars have been neglected since I’ve had it...Once again you have done an amazing job on the guitar and your customer service is bar none (which is extremely refreshing in this day and age). Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for the guitar and the great Peter Green!!" D.C., USA, Proud owner of LCPG-207

"Larry The guitar arrived on Saturday - it's just fantastic. Plugged straight into the old Marshall it sounds better than anything else I have - including 4 other old Gibsons. Many, many thanks - and congratulations for building it!!! Now just need to find some time to work on your PG tutorials on Youtube!" J.O., UK

"Hi ya Larry ,I received the guitar today, and it is spectacular! I'm not disappointed in any way! I've never played a Les Paul, or any solid bodied guitar for that matter, with so much resonance and sustain. It's quite remarkable! Yes, I'm very pleased with it. Thank you, Larry." I.F., UK

"...it's been well over a year now since I first purchased LCPG-127 on Jan 11, 2008. It's been a wonderful guitar to me and I cherish it to death. I also play the heck out of it everyday and it seems to only get better as time moves on. I know from many of the forums that I visit frequently on the internet that like myself, many players around the world look up to you as a great player, businessman, and gentleman. All just to say thanks again for caring and for sharing your love and knowledge of these instruments to us all." D.C., Canada

Received the guitar yesterday. I was going to e-mail you last night and tell you but I played it and forgot about everything else. That guitar is phenomenal. Some of the tone I get is amazing. Can't say enough about the tone and your work. I really appreciate you doing this for me. I build amps and I am playing it through my 1959 Marshall Plexi circuit and the two go together and is amazing .” P.M., USA

“Well, it came today. I had a gig tonight, a benefit for a drummer I work with who's been diagnosed with cancer.

Now understand, I'm mostly a rhythm guy, I get a couple of solos, but it's chords I play for the most part.

Plugged into an old blackface deluxe, with a simple boost and a Keely compressor, #118 hummed, howled, roared and hummed again. As a long time single coil/Strat guy, the PAFs are not something I'm as intimate with. But the out of phase setting really worked well for me, and the more I get this baby dialed in, the happier I'm going to be.

An awesome guitar, period. The setup is magnificent out of the box. I've never been so satisfied with a new guitar.

Great work, great sound. Your ears know what they're doing in picking these out. For the price, I don't think you can get a better Les Paul. And I've been around the block a few times.” V.K., USA

“Larry, I got #66 today and I'm floored!!! This thing is amazing. I find myself out-of-phase most of the time, but I guess that's just a side effect of this guitar. I'm so completely impressed with the customer service, pics, and sound clips. I suggest anyone try getting that service anywhere else. I felt completely comfortable throughout the whole process, and felt like I knew exactly what I was getting. Thanks again Larry for your superb workmanship and professionalism." R.M., USA

“Larry, I had a feeling when I started looking at your site there was something special that had to be gotten! Well Lucky for me I spotted it with a little help from you. My LCPG Mod Guitar showed up day before yesterday. Before I even saw it, it was sent to my tech so he could roll the fretboard and the body binding. Ok, I could not wait because everyone at the store was asking me where did this guitar come from and that it was amazing.

I just put it down after an hour. The guitar first of all is so light that I am not sure if I will pick up any of my other Les Paul's again.

Acoustically it rings and zings and is absolutely wonderful to play not plugged in. Now there lies my little problem... I am traveling and I don't have the pleasure of plugging it into an amp to really enjoy the pick-ups. It will be a month before I will have access to an amp.

Crazy! This is one of the best guitar purchases I have made in a long time.

It is so hard to buy a guitar on the Internet and the way you take pictures and record sound clips made it really easy. I can't thank you enough. I sent my other guitars home and this one is going to do a little traveling." M.L., USA

Just wanted you to know, I'm a few months in on this guitar, and the more I work it, the happier I am. It's been gigged quite a bit now, and it's starting to really open up. Your setup is holding up really well. Out of the box, it was amazing, and that hasn't changed. Ultimately, #118 was a bargain. Nice work." V.K., USA

“Hi Larry,
I've had a few Les Paul's through the years, but never has one sounded, played, & been as light as #151. All I can say is Wow! What a great Lester.

Played through My '68 Deluxe Reverb or my '65 Princeton Reverb it's got that PG sound & in spades...esp w/ your Manalishi pickups. They're outstanding pickups! Not thin sounding at all when in the middle position.

The NOS CGE Gibson pots are real smooth also & work great, me likes...Thanks!

The action & playability is effortless & it's just a real pleasure to play. KBR was blown away when he came over to play it & so is everyone else...!" R.B., USA

“Hi Larry,
The guitar arrived at my home today in excellent shape; It is a wonderfull instrument and I cant stop playing it. I play it through a fender blues deluxe and with clean sound I hear Peter Green and with the drive and master all open (through a doctor silencer) and neck pickup I even hear Clapton.

Its really amazing. Also the guitarneck is so comfortable to play. It will certain be my favorite guitar for rest of my live.

Thanks for your support and excellent service! I never mentioned it to you but before ordering this guitar I asked my friends at "Truefire" in the US and they stated me that you and your guitars have an excellent reputation and indeed they were right.

If I can be for any help to you like references please let me know.
Maybe see you on some stage, you never know." W.V., Belgium

“Hi Larry, I got a letter from New Zealand Post on Wednesday saying an item had arrived for me and required Customs clearance, and that they would do it for me (for $75!) I filled out the required paperwork and faxed it off. I then expected a delay of a few days, followed by another letter from the Customs dept indicating how much tax I needed to pay, followed by more form-filling and money-paying, but on Friday morning a courier van rolled up and delivered LCPG86! Seems to be luck of the draw as to what Customs do - I imported another Les Paul just before Christmas and DIDN'T need customs clearance but DID need to pay tax.

Anyway - LCPG86. Wow - what an interesting looking guitar. I've never seen a Faded before. Here in New Zealand the Gibson range in the shops is extremely limited. Acoustically it's very resonant, far more so than my 1978 Standard. Plugged in it's LOUD! A fair bit louder than the '78, which I assume has T-tops. Clear and bright though, with plenty of sustain. The middle position is a wonder - I love it and can see lots of potential for it in live playing. It reminds me of a fat Tele, or a Strat in that position between bridge and middle on steroids.

Overall, she looks, feels and sounds great. My 14-year-old daughter tends to like playing it too, choosing it above a dozen other quality guitars.

Anyways, many many thanks for this fine guitar. I can't wait to really get to know her over the coming weeks.” I.M., New Zealand

“Holy crap! This thing sounds so awesome. Particularly in that middle position. Just so woody and rich.
With my Delta Blues up to about 3, it's still clean, but with a bite. Up to about 5 or so, it starts to break up and is amazing; but really loud! Thanks again! It rules!" M.V., USA

“Larry, I got the guitar and I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that I love it. It sounds great through everything from my little vox practice amp to the jcm 2000 half stack. I really like the aging on the hardware, it's the best I've seen and looks the most authentic. The buffing of the finish is also real nice. The new Gibson finishes don't appeal to me and these fadeds are really nice. I'm not even a huge PG fan (a bit before my time) and I was just interested in the sound and am not disappointed.” D.C., USA

“Plugged in their is no comparison between the two (stock Faded and LCPG modified Faded). With the neck pup magnet flipped and the pup rotated it's a totally different animal. The tones you can get with the PG mod is unreal. It literally sounds like three different guitars as you cycle through the three pup settings. The middle position is amazing. I had never experienced the out of phase tone myself prior to owning this guitar but it is so cool. Now add in the tone and volume controls and another whole world of tones opens up. On most of my stock Gibbys I would usually find a comfortable tone setting and leave it there. With LCPG I found myself constantly playing with both tone pots and realizing I liked each tone I was getting. In the middle position you can easily alter the tone with volume adjustments as well. There does seem to be a major change in tone between 8-10 on the pots, I'll have to ask Larry about this to find out if that's normal. But from 0-8 I have complete control over the tone.

Unplugged the guitars are very similar. My first Faded is one of the few Les Pauls that I've ever found myself playing unplugged for long periods of time. Since I installed the Faber alum tailpiece and steel stud kit, that time has increased even more. These Fadeds just sing acoustically. I'm very content to sit and play them both unplugged late at night while everyone in the house is sleeping. I'm getting a tone I love and no one is disturbed.

I do love the tone of my stock Faded plugged in, but LCPG-103 is just different. I think everyone should have one of each.

Larry has provided a very valuable service to anyone who wants a great sounding and playing guitar for less money then a stock production Standard. The quality and care he puts into doing the mods on his Peter Green replicas is obvious the moment you open the case. All the extras he includes is also a major bonus.

There is no doubt in my mind that #103 is a keeper!!!" S.H., USA - (As posted on the Les Paul Forum)

“Tone report: #75 really has an attitude... It really is great for Rock n' Roll stuff!

#37 has a really "authentic" PG sound... I play along with "Then Play On" and I can’t differentiate the two guitars sometimes... That's a pretty major accomplishment!

I am totally happy the guitars are different... That is exactly what I was hoping for. It just took a little tweaking to get the #75 guitar in the sweet spot." R.T., USA

“Well, this guitar is fantastic. I broke it out last weekend and was very impressed. Compared to my other Faded (also with a flipped magnet) this one sounds more dense somehow, while retaining the nice airy sound. Maybe it's the new pots & wiring. I love the new hardware and the finish polish. The guitar looks as sharp as it sounds. Your work is great and really this guitar is like an ultimate LP for me. I haven't had as many as you, but I have owned dozens over the years and I can say that this one stands with any of them and in fact sounds better than the others (including fancy Murphy aged custom shop models, many Historic models, etc.). The only real '59 I own is a Custom (with no maple top) so I can't make a direct comparison. But it is as fine in its own way. If I don't sell off my other Faded I might send it to you and have you give it the treatment.

So thanks again, I will definitely recommend you to others." K.J., USA

"Hi Larry,
I got the guitar yesterday afternoon and played it for quite a few hours. There does seem to be one major problem with it though - and that is the fact it is now going to render all of my other guitars useless! :-)

I mostly played with the middle position to see how that would actually work and that is definitely a great tone. It will take a bit of getting used to the control to flavor the tone just so. It seems like the out of phase tone is more like on or off when the volumes are set the same. Overall, every tone coming out of this guitar is awesome.

All of the finishing you have done is just great as well. I don't think I could have found a better looking guitar - just perfect for me. Your setup is perfect as well. The action is set so nicely that it is just so easy to play. I have a Strat that nearly plays itself, and this setup is right on par with my Strat, which I thought I would never be able to match on any other guitar, so thanks for that! All in all, I don't think I could possibly be happier with a guitar." B.W., USA

"Hi, Larry,
Just to let you know, I got the guitar today. It arrived in perfect shape and was everything I expected it to be. In other words, the guitar is lovely to look at and sounds absolutely killer (of course, I knew this already by the sound clips on your site). I especially like the out of phase middle position PG tone as well as the way the bridge position has warmth and roundness which has somehow been missing from my previous Les Pauls. Overall, the guitar feels very resonant compared to the other Les Pauls I have owned. And after owning and playing a couple of 10 pound LPs, the relatively light weight (no doubt, of course, due to Gibson’s new weight relieving techniques) also feels good.

I still have ways to go in the playing skills department, but I’m sure this guitar will inspire me to play and practice as much as my wife and kids will allow me to. Apart from sounding so good, the guitar is a dream to play - I really like the neck, both the shape and the finish.

So, thanks for the great guitar. And last but not least, thanks for the great buying experience (the very good info on your website, your helpful service answering questions and modifying the guitar to my liking, fast shipping, etc. etc.)" P.P., Finland

“Wanted to drop you a line to let you know that LCPG-70 has arrived to her forever home safe and sound. To be honest, I was going to email you when she arrived however I have yet to really put it down! I cannot believe the tone on this thing! Every selection on the toggle is simply amazing. I'm plugged into a Peavey JSX half stack and the cleans are far superior to anything I have ever heard! I was so amazed I took it over to my local vintage shop and plugged into various amps at the store. The owner sat next to me, asked to tinker with it and his jaw dropped (I think you may have to build another soon). Your polish job was great and didn't take away from that satin worn feeling of the neck at all. Anyway, I literally could go on and on about "Lolita" (aptly named as she is a young LP yet I am mysteriously finding myself thinking about her while I'm away) but I would simply be reiterating exactly what others have said. So to put it short and sweet, to describe your mod and your work I would simply say, 'Oh my, I feel like I am cheating on my wife." D.P., USA

"Hi Larry - the wait is over, I'm off work this week, but went in today to pick up #54--first impressions were -WOW- couldnt believe how cool it looked, how soon it got here, how light it feels--wonderful.

Larry--you are a genius--I totally understand how this model lends itself to this mod.--and you do just the right stuff to make it work." A.K., England

"I received the guitar yesterday, and have had a chance to play it a bit both plugged and unplugged. It sounds and feels great…I really like the PG mod on this guitar. It does not sound thin and tinny at all. The neck feels very much like the 60 LP necks, but maybe a touch flatter… It certainly feels and sounds more like an old one than the historics I’ve had…The top is really nice also….a really wide flame with lots of mineral streaks…What I really like about the neck is the lack of shoulders that one finds on so many historics—the historics aren’t even close to an old one!... I can’t get over the light weight. It’s lighter than my Strat, and the Strat is only 7.1 pounds…It’s really quite a guitar for the money. To me, it’s worth the extra $ to buy from you. Where else can one choose a top and get a great soundclip of the guitar in action before buying?” C.S., USA

“The guitar is absolutely brilliant with exactly the sounds I was after. I did a little work on the action though, I've always been a 'fretless wonder' type of guy. So rest assure Larry, I am a 200% pleased and happy customer and as promised, I will send you a CD when I get ready. Thank you very much for the CD, to be honest I've been so busy trying out the guitar with my amps I haven't had time to listen to it yet, but I will tonight.” H.R., Norway

"Haven't been able to stop playing the guitar. The sound is just amazing. I've finally got a Les Paul sound I'm a 100% happy with. I didn't realize that the out of phase sound would be so dependent of the volumes being at the same levels. So, not only do you have the hollow tone, but you also have the normal double humbucker sound by barely backing off one of the volumes. Everything I loved about a "normal" Les Paul plus. I'm thinking about picking another one up for slide." A.A., USA

"Since eight hours now I have played this guitar until my fingers (and my wife (and probably the neighbours too)) said "Enough!" (at least for today). I knew that I could trust every judgement of yours on everything concerning guitars, especially Les Pauls (among others). But still I wondered if I could take for granted all those marvelous facts that you reported of the Les Paul Standard Faded and your Peter Green upgrade of it. But every second of the last hours and all my fresh experiences with that guitar you sent showed everything you said on that subject to be true: If any guitar should be honoured with such attributes as "unbelievable sustain", "truly resonant", "vibrating for hours", "wonderful tone" etc., it is this guitar." U.B., Germany

“I love it! I had been a bit concerned about the faded finish, as I'd never seen one in person, but I think it looks great. Also like the aged looking hardware, nice job! As for the sound, it's exactly what I had hoped for. It was amazing to plug it in for the first time, throw it into the out of phase setting, and there was "that" sound! Never thought I'd be able to get anywhere near it!” R.R., USA

"Just an update on the guitar - I was playing at a bluesfestival yesterday and although I started the gig on my modified blue Heritage H555, I had the Les Paul as a spare guitar. When the one hour set was half way through, I couldn't take anymore and changed to PG-mod 26; I got loud cheers from the guitar-oriented audience! With it's slightly more powerful pickups (I use a bare knuckle stormy monday bridge pup on my 555, which has a slightly more conservative tone and output) it just gave me and my amp the extra push we both needed to end the set in flames." D.N., The Netherlands

"...got the guitar to day and have been playing it for an hour or so, yep the look and sound is fantastic!! i love the out of phase tone its spot on i'm really chuffed with it..." K.L., England

"I played the new one today at my church service and it was just incredible. The sustain is just infinite. Every note on the neck just screams. I played it through my Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Roadster with 4 different channel settings. It sounded just awesome on every channel - 2 clean and 2 with some overdrive/distortion. And the different sounds I could get by switching pickups and volume levels was amazing. I think this one is one of the finest Les Pauls I've ever played. Blows away any Custom Shop Historic I've ever played or owned. No joke, it may even sound better than Peter's original 59. ;)" M.J., USA

"I have been playing both guitars non stop and am so impressed by the sounds they have. My '57 Black Beauty is very mellow and thick so I cannot replicate any PG's sounds. My Black Beauty is more of a dark and heavy sounding guitar and I can do some pretty good Tony Iommi/Black Sabbath sounds. These Faded Standards though are SENSATIONAL! Both Standards have the BEST Danny Kirwan sound on the treble pickup and absolutely nail PG's sound in the middle position. I can't stop playing them and am actually quite surprised with the 'nasally' and 'bitey' sounds I am finding." G.H., Tasmania

PLEASE NOTE: CV Guitars is not an authorized Gibson dealer. Therefore, these guitars have no Gibson warranty. However, we guarantee all parts and workmanship used in the conversion of these guitars for 3 years. This guarantee does not apply to parts not replaced during conversion, i.e., tuners (unless optional tuners are purchased and installed) and nut, or to the body, finish, fingerboard and frets, or from defects in material and workmanship caused by damage or misuse.


Update, April 13, 2014

I will no longer be posting modified Gibson Les Paul Standard Fadeds on this website. To see LCPG modified Fadeds for sale, please visit the "Corsa Guitars website, by clicking the "Guitars For Sale link below:

Guitars For Sale


 I am now open, for the time being, to doing LCPG conversions to customer owned LP Standard Fadeds , Studio Fadeds, or any other Gibson with a "Faded" finish (i.e., no grain filler in the mahogany). Prices are $500 for a humbucker equipped guitar or a P90 guitar (price is with me keeping all parts left over from the conversion). Contact me via email, lcorsa@cvguitars.com, for full details.

Please note: Guitars with a "Customer Supplied" button are not for sale. They are guitars sent to me for LCPG conversion by their owners.

CORSA GUITARS UPDATE: Corsa Guitars now available. Please see the  Corsa Guitars web page for full details. View the "Corsa Guitars Preview" video on You Tube!


von arb von arb 2

LCPG #246 Makes it's way to Switzerland

Recently, LCPG #246 made it's way over to Switzerland. The new owner is Fernando Von Arb, who plays guitar for the band KROKUS. Fernando also owns another LCPG, #85 which was originally purchased in 2007 by Fernando's friend.

KROKUS have a new album out, (Hoodoo), and LCPG-85 was used extensively on the album. Both LCPGs will be out on tour this year with Fernando, beginning the end of April.

Check out "Making an LCPG Guitar" Parts One and Two, on YouTube, featuring the before and after conversion of LCPG-201. Look for the videos at http://www.youtube.com/cvguitars

Jr1a Jr1a

50s neck, Tobacco Burst, 8lbs., 6oz. (3.80 Kg.)
Jr1a Jr1a
50s neck, Tobacco Burst, 7lbs., 14oz. (3.57 Kg.)
Jr1a Jr1a
50s neck, Tobacco Burst, 7lbs., 2oz. (3.23 Kg.)
Jr1a Jr1a
50s neck, Tobacco Burst, 6lbs., 12oz. (3.06 Kg.)
50s neck, Cherry Burst, 8lbs., 10oz. (3.91 Kg.)
50s neck, Cherry Burst, 9lbs., 4oz. (4.20 Kg.)
50s neck, Honey Burst, 8lbs., 14oz. (4.03 Kg.)
50s neck, Cherry Burst, 8lbs., 10oz. (3.91 Kg.)
60s neck, Cherry Burst, 8lbs., 8oz. (3.86 Kg.)
$2,200 Customer Supplied Conversion
COMPLETED!  Photos & Video/Sound Clips
60's neck, Gold Top, 6 lbs. 14 oz. (3.12 Kg.) LEFTY! ONE PIECE BACK!
50's neck, Cherry Burst, 7 lbs. 6 oz. (3.35 Kg.)
50s neck, Honey Burst, 8lbs., 0oz. (3.63 Kg.)
$2,200 SOLD!
COMPLETED!  Photos & Video/Sound Clips
60's neck, Gold Top, 7 lbs. 2 oz. (3.23 Kg.)
50s neck, Cherry Burst, 8lbs., 0oz. (3.63 Kg.)
$1,600 Sold!
  Photos & Video/Sound Clips
50's neck, Cherry Burst, 7 lbs. 4 oz. (3.29 Kg.)
50s neck, Honey Burst "non-Faded", 7lbs., 6oz. (3.35 Kg.)
50s neck, Honey Burst, 6lbs., 14oz. (3.12 Kg.)
50's neck, Cherry Burst, 7 lbs. 6 oz. (3.35 Kg.)
LCPG-BB, 001
50s neck, Blue Stain, 6lbs., 14oz. (3.12 Kg.)
50s neck, Honey Burst, 7lbs., 8oz. (3.40 Kg.)
60's neck, Gold Top, 7 lbs. 0 oz. (3.18 Kg.)
60's neck, Gold Top, 7 lbs. 2 oz. (3.23 Kg.)
60's neck, Gold Top, 7 lbs. 4 oz. (3.29 Kg.)
60's neck, Cherry Burst, 6 lbs. 10 oz. (3.01 Kg.)
50s neck, Tobacco Burst, 7lbs., 8oz. (3.40 Kg.)
50s neck, Honey Burst, 7lbs., 4oz. (3.29 Kg.)
60s neck, Tobacco Burst, 8lbs., 2oz. (3.69 Kg.)
50s neck, Cherry Burst, 8lbs., 4oz. (3.75 Kg.)
50s neck, Cherry Burst, 8lbs., 14oz. (4.03 Kg.)
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COMPLETED!  Photos & Sound Clips
50s neck, Cherry Burst, 8lbs., 14oz. (4.03 Kg.)
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COMPLETED!  Photos & Sound Clips
50s neck, Cherry Burst, 8lbs., 10oz. (3.92 Kg.) Manalishi pickups - BONUS - FREE Aged Grovers!

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50s neck, Cherry Burst, 8lbs., 6oz. (3.81 Kg.)
50s neck, Cherry Burst, 8lbs., 14oz. (4.03 Kg.)
50s neck, Cherry Burst, 8lbs., 10oz. (3.92 Kg.) BONUS - FREE Aged Grovers!
50s neck, Cherry Burst, 8lbs., 6oz. (3.81 Kg.)
50s neck, Cherry Burst, 8lbs., 8oz. (3.86 Kg.)
50s neck, Cherry Burst, 8lbs., 8oz. (3.86 Kg.)
  Sorry, I'm SOLD!
COMPLETED!  Photos & Sound Clips
This guitar has IN PHASE Manalishi pickups
50s neck, Cherry Burst, 8lbs., 12oz. (3.98 Kg.)
50s neck, Honey Burst, 8lbs., 14oz. (4.03 Kg.)
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50s neck, Cherry Burst, 8lbs., 14oz. (4.03 Kg.)
50s neck, Cherry Burst, 9lbs., 12oz. (4.43 Kg.)
50s neck, Cherry Burst, 8lbs., 2oz. (3.70 Kg.)
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50s neck, Honey Burst, 7lbs., 10oz. (3.46 Kg.)
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50s neck, Honey Burst, 7lbs., 6oz. (3.35 Kg.)
Note: This guitar is a light lemon color!
50s neck, Honey Burst, 7lbs., 6oz. (3.35 Kg.)
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50s neck, Honey Burst, 7lbs., 12oz. (3.52 Kg.)
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50s neck, Cherry Burst, 8lbs., 2oz. (3.70 Kg.)
50s neck, Cherry Burst, 8lbs., 4oz. (3.75 Kg.)
50s neck, Honey Burst, 7lbs., 2oz. (3.24 Kg.)
50s neck, Honey Burst, 7lbs., 10oz. (3.46 Kg.)
50s neck, Honey Burst, 7lbs., 2oz. (3.24 Kg.)
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50s neck, Honey Burst, 7lbs., 8oz. (3.40 Kg.)
50s neck, Honey Burst, 7lbs., 10oz. (3.46 Kg.)
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50s neck, Honey Burst, 7lbs., 10oz. (3.46 Kg.)
50s neck, Honey Burst, 7lbs., 10oz. (3.46 Kg.)
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50s neck, Tobacco Burst, 7lbs., 6oz. (3.35 Kg.)
50s neck, Tobacco Burst, 7lbs., 6oz. (3.35 Kg.)
50s neck, Tobacco Burst, 6lbs., 10oz. (3.01 Kg.)
50s neck, Tobacco Burst, 7lbs., 8oz. (3.40 Kg.)
50s neck, Tobacco Burst, 6lbs., 14oz. (3.13 Kg.)
50s neck, Tobacco Burst, 7lbs., 8oz. (3.40 Kg.)
50s neck, Tobacco Burst, 7lbs., 2oz. (3.24 Kg.)
50s neck, Tobacco Burst, 7lbs., 0oz. (3.18 Kg.)
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50s neck, Tobacco Burst, 7lbs., 0oz. (3.18 Kg.)
50s neck, Tobacco Burst, 7lbs., 0oz. (3.18 Kg.)
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50s neck, Honey Burst, 6lbs., 14oz. (3.13 Kg.)
50s neck, Tobacco Burst, 6lbs., 14oz. (3.13 Kg.)
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50s neck, Tobacco Burst, 7lbs., 6oz. (3.35 Kg.)
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50s neck, Tobacco Burst, 7lbs., 4oz. (3.3 Kg.)
50s neck, Tobacco Burst, 7lbs., 0oz. (3.18 Kg.)
Customer Supplied Conversion
50s neck, Cherry Burst, 7lbs., 8oz. (3.40 Kg.)
50s neck, Honey Burst, 8lbs., 10oz. (3.92 Kg.)
50s neck, Cherry Burst, 9lbs., 10oz. (4.38 Kg.)
50s neck, Honey Burst, 7lbs., 12oz. (3.52 Kg.)
50s neck, Cherry Burst, 6lbs., 14oz. (3.13 Kg.)
50s neck, Cherry Burst, 7lbs., 4oz. (3.29 Kg.)
50s neck, Honey Burst, 7lbs., 0oz. (3.18 Kg.)
50s neck, Honey Burst, 6lbs., 10oz. (3.01 Kg.)
50s neck, Honey Burst, 7lbs., 4oz. (3.29 Kg.)
50s neck, Honly Burst, 7 lbs., 0oz. (3.18 Kg.)
50s neck, Tobacco Burst, 7 lbs., 8oz. (3.40 Kg.)

Listen and Compare our Manalishi pickups to the stock Gibson BB Pros.

Manalishiclips HERE

BB Pro clips HERE

Many more clips to compare. Click the "Archives of SOLD Guitars" link to listen!

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